Geo::Coder::YahooPlaceFinder ?

Kaoru kaoru at
Tue Jul 6 19:21:39 BST 2010


As mentioned in Alias' journal on use perl [0] Yahoo just announced
their new Yahoo PlaceFinder geocoder service. He also requested that
somebody write a Perl module for it, to which I thought "well, why

My question is what features should it have? The current
Geo::Coder::Yahoo module is very simple - it just fetches a data
structure with LWP, parses it with an XML parser, and it's done. The
POD then tells you what the returned data structure looks like, and
gives you some idea what the various keys mean. Is that enough? Should
it do more? Do people want OO "locations" or are hashrefs fine?

Is Geo::Coder::YahooPlaceFinder the place to put this, or should it be
Geo::Coder::PlaceFinder? (or Geo::Coder::Yahoo::PlaceFinder - but I
don't like that one.)

Should the reverse geocoding (lat/long => nearest street) be available
through this Geo::Coder module or should that be a different module

Any input would be great :) You can watch the code as it progresses on
github here:


- Alex


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