Damian Conway: Understanding Regular Expressions (properly)

Damian Conway damian at conway.org
Thu Jul 8 00:07:14 BST 2010

Abigail correctly inferred:

> Considering that Damian suddenly had to return to Australia and
> isn't attending YAPC in Pisa, I presume the August 11 event isn't
> going to happen either.

I'm afraid not.

On Monday my father-in-law, whom my wife and I have cared for on a daily
basis for the past five years, died suddenly. I have cancelled my entire
summer speaking tour and returned home to care for Linda and to wind up
his estate.

I'd like to take the opportunity to apologise to anyone who signed up for
any of my classes in Zurich, Pisa, or London. We hope to reschedule
some of those events later in the year, but at present it is far too early
to know when (or if) that will be possible.


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