Chris Jack chris_jack at msn.com
Thu Jul 8 12:27:42 BST 2010

Gordon Banner tech at gordonbanner.me.uk wrote 
> On the subject of YAPC, has anyone else tried to book at the conference 
> hotel and been worried at being asked to send credit card details by email?


It's a long time since I sent credit card details by email and whilst I think it is obviously a very bad thing...


If you have to do it, can I suggest you try to avoid putting the whole 16 digits in "1234 5678 1234 5678" style format as this would be a very easy thing to parse for. Rather think up something like:


First     4 digits: 1234

Second 4 digits: 5678

Third    4 digits: 1234

Fourth  4 digits: 5678


but think up your own to avoid establishing a "standard" which might be parsed.


I find it doubtful there are a lot of people reading my emails (not on the distribution list ;-), I find it more likely someone is auto-scanning my emails with a noddy credit card number searching algorithm which can easily be defeated.



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