Geo::Coder::YahooPlaceFinder ?

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Thu Jul 8 16:01:07 BST 2010

On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 07:21:39PM +0100, Kaoru wrote:

> My question is what features should it have? The current
> Geo::Coder::Yahoo module is very simple - it just fetches a data
> structure with LWP, parses it with an XML parser, and it's done. The
> POD then tells you what the returned data structure looks like, and
> gives you some idea what the various keys mean. Is that enough? Should
> it do more? Do people want OO "locations" or are hashrefs fine?

I'd rather have objects, so I can subclass them easily.  I'd also like
to tell the interface that it should return objects of my subclasses
instead of the default, so I don't have to re-bless 'em.

> Is Geo::Coder::YahooPlaceFinder the place to put this, or should it be
> Geo::Coder::PlaceFinder? (or Geo::Coder::Yahoo::PlaceFinder - but I
> don't like that one.)

"Yahoo" should appear somewhere in the name.

> Should the reverse geocoding (lat/long => nearest street) be available
> through this Geo::Coder module

Yes.  Ideally it wouldn't just be "nearest street" but "nearby stuff".
I have no idea whether Yahoo's service supports this though.

> Any input would be great :) You can watch the code as it progresses on
> github here:

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