Gordon Banner tech at gordonbanner.me.uk
Fri Jul 9 01:02:11 BST 2010

Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> [I'm in a different hotel - since the conference one took many days
> to respond to a query about rooms - by which time I had booked elsewhere]

Yes, it seems like they have one guy arranging all their YAPC bookings, 
so you have to wait for his next shift to get a reply.

So it turns out that "go elsewhere" was the solution.  They would have 
accepted a fax, but by the time I'd dithered and finally got back to 
them, one of the nights (6th) was no longer available.

So I booked online, no fuss, for less money, at one of the other hotels 
listed on the YAPC Site.  End of saga.  :-)


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