Running your own mini-cpan or other repos

David Cantrell david at
Thu Sep 2 15:37:53 BST 2010

On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 12:42:57PM +0100, Ashley Hindmarsh wrote:

> We've currently got some vague requirement for a 'snapshot' for CPAN (not
> the standard minicpan) to help us reproduce builds at a given time ...

Hey, are you spying on me?  I was talking about this with $boss
yesterday, and I reckoned it would be pretty easy to do based on
cpxxxan.  Now that I've tweaked my database (and re-imported fifteen
years worth of distributions), producing a CPAN-as-of-YYYY-MM-DD
"mirror" is a simple matter of writing two SQL queries.  I expect I'll
get the first one up and running at some point this weekend.

Watch this space for an announcement.  And if you don't see one, nag me
about it, in case I've been distracted by new! shiny! things!

See for the existing weirdo mirrors
I've got.

If you want your own local mirror, then you can either use my code, or I
expect that CPAN::Mini would work if pointed at one of them.

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