Data recovery

Mark Morgan makk384 at
Fri Sep 3 11:40:42 BST 2010

I'd suggest trying to bring up the drive under a couple of different OSs
first.  Different OSs and filesystem drivers have different failure
tolerances.  Linux, FreeBSD and windows are the ones I'd suggest trying.
When I last needed to do that (8+ years ago), FreeBSD had the greatest
failure tolerance, but that's very likely to have changed since then...


On 3 September 2010 10:56, Mike Whiting <mail at> wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Can anyone recommend any good data recovery services?  My friend dropped
> his external hard drive and now it seems to have become my responsibility to
> 'fix it' because some of my bands songs are on there.  I'm not sure what
> exactly is wrong.  The drive seems to gets noticed but that's about it.  I
> suspect if there's anything that can be done with it at all it would involve
> removing the platter and rehousing it.
> Any insights appreciated.
> Mike W
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