[ANNOUNCE] LPW Newsletter #1

Mark Keating m.keating at shadowcat.co.uk
Fri Oct 8 17:58:34 BST 2010

  London Perl Workshop

In this letter:

1. A List of sponsors: We take a quick look at all the sponsors who will 
be participating in the conference. A full thanks will be given in a 
later letter/blog roll.
2. A call for new sponsors.
3. A call for the Job fair.
4. Merchandise.
5. Lightening Talk Bingo.
6. Volunteers.

1. A list of sponsors.
So far we have attracted the usual quick-announce sponsors for the Workshop.



Enlightened Perl Organisation

Magnum Solutions


Shadowcat Systems

University of Westminster


2. New Sponsors.
The London Perl Workshop is looking for new sponsors to join with us, 
this can range from companies who wish to contribute towards the event 
and the community to companies who merely wish to show their support of 
the premier event in the UK Perl Community calendar or may wish to hand 
out promotional material.
If you know a company that would like to be involved with the event then 
please do not hesitate in contacting Mark.

3. Job Fair.
This year we are hoping to host a job fair at the Workshop that is 
suitable for companies looking to hire new developers or for those 
companies who are thinking of running internships/apprenticeships and 
wish to meet up with the students and future developers who may attend.
If you know of a company seeking developers or wishing to promote their 
internships/apprenticeships then please contact Mark.

4. Mechandise.
As always we try to keep the spirit of a "free conference" when we think 
of the London Perl Workshop, which is why, once again there is a range 
of merchandise available from Spreadshirt.net at this address for you to 
purchase prior to attending or in a mad bid afterward to show you were 


(Note: there is more than one page of merchandise, at this time there 
are three).

If you are thinking of attending the conference then what better way of 
showing your participation and allegiance than in a snazzy custom item 
of clothing or merchandise. If you think of an item you would like to 
see us make available in the shops then make your suggestions and we 
will see what we can do to accommodate you. Attending the event while 
not robed in an item from this fantastic collection will forever mark 
you and you may carry that stigma to your grave.

5. Lightening Talk Bingo.
That incredible man, Edmund von der Burg, has this year decided to run a 
special Bingo event during the Lightening Talks, there will be at least 
one prize from one of our sponsors, more details will become available 
at a later date. Participation will be free except for organisers and 
speakers who will be banned from participation (unless they let me in on 
any betting scandals they have going ;) ).

6. Volunteers.
As always I am seeking help from volunteers on the day. If you think you 
would be willing to help set up the event, carry items, shuttle speakers 
to talks or time them to prevent the inevitable 'running-over', or 
operate video capture devices, then please contact Mark.
Also this year my wonderful wife will be sat on registration, but as an 
added bonus she will be also be attending to our son, Benjamin, if you 
would be willing to sit at the registration desk and cover for the 
occasional period in the day then please contact mark.

Don't forget to register for the conference and submit your talk. The 
competition for most appropriate 40 minute talk that will be the keynote 
is still wide open.

Until next time, your organiser,

-Mark (mdk)

Mark Keating BA (Hons)          |  Writer, Photographer, Cat-Herder
Managing Director               |  Shadowcat Systems Limited
Director/Secretary              |  Enlightened Perl Organisation
co-Leader                       |  North West England Perl Mongers
http://www.shadowcat.co.uk      |  http://www.enlightenedperl.org
http://northwestengland.pm.org  |  http://linkedin.com/in/markkeating

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