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Jacqui Caren-home jacqui.caren at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 13 13:57:37 BST 2010

Dave Cross wrote:
> Any questions?

To the list in general, Can I sell my vote for charity? Yes, I *am* serious.
Note that I do not want to cause a flame war so

  1) dont stand up for me if someone disagrees with the idea because
     I agree that it is a stupid idea but if it helps balou get his op this year...
  2) if anyone disagrees on moral or legal grounds, then take it as read that I withdraw the idea.


This puppy really really needs this operation...

Assuming it is OK to do this (by this I assume l-pm does not really take voting *too* seriously)
would anyone else volunteer thier votes for this charity?

Jacqui Caren

More details on louis/Balou appeal (I know, I know the appeal site looks "phishy") available at


Finally if anyone does want to contribute directly feel free to contact Sharon - a grand should
get your (company) name in flashing lights! Cheap at twice the price!

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