Server side chart/graph library?

David Precious davidp at
Thu Jan 6 14:57:29 GMT 2011

On Thursday 06 January 2011 13:45:12 Leo Lapworth wrote: 
> Or use Google's Graph API:

This, via URI::GoogleChart, can make things dead simple, e.g.:

  use URI::GoogleChart;
  my $chart_uri = URI::GoogleChart->new("lines", 300, 100,
     data => [45, 80, 55, 68],
  print qq[<img src="$chart_uri" ... />];

Flot ( is a quite nice Javascript solution, if 
you're happy to shove data to the client and let it handle rendering the 

For graphs actually generated on the server as an image and sent to the 
client, I've used GD::Graph in the past, and it's done the trick.


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