Recommendation for simple Web Frameworks

Simon Wistow simon at
Thu Jan 6 19:04:13 GMT 2011

So, it's been a while since I've done any kind of web stuff in Perl 
(although I was sitting behind Tatsuhiko when he was building the first 
Plack stuff so I'm at least aware of that).

I want to build a web site. In Perl. It needs to be dynamic but it's 
unlikely to need a database - it will however be pulling data from 
another data store and putting stuff into job queues.

In short - I don't really need the CRUD stuff from a framework, I really 
just need the url based dispatch. I played around with Catalyst (which 
I'm familiar with from 6A) but it felt like it was a bit of a 
sledgehammer and that it was (not unreasonably) tied to an ORM.

Before I write my own (or repurpose one of the hundred previosu ones 
I've written) does anyone have any recommendations? 

Running under Plack/PSGI[*] seems like a good idea so let's make that a 
requirement (although it seems like writing a Plack binding for anything 
takes 3 lines of code and magically makes your system run 30 times 
faster and gives you free unicorn ponies every hour on the hour to 

Some sort of authentication/role system would be nice too. OAuth support 
too. Can these be done via Plack middleware maybe? It looks like it.

Is there a good doc / tutorial / pop-up book somewhere that I should be 
reading to bring me back up to speed?



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