Recommendation for simple Web Frameworks

damien krotkine dams at
Tue Jan 11 19:28:56 GMT 2011

On 11 January 2011 20:12, Eden Cardim <edencardim at> wrote:

> It's pretty trivial to build and load perl modules somewhere other than
> the vendor perl lib directories where they might risk breaking the
> system. The only real reason you have to stay away from dependencies in
> a corporate environment is when it's enforced legally, otherwise, anyone
> with a gnu toolchain and a clue can build perl modules without remotely
> risking breaking the system.

The main issue is time needed to do all that, and maintenance
problems. On top of that, if you need to stay up-to-date you need a
local mirror and the permission to install it. And then deployment can
be more difficult if you have more dependancies.

Of course everything is possible, but it sounds fair to assume that
"simple" means simple in learning, development, deployment,
maintenance. And not only development.


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