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Eden Cardim edencardim at
Thu Jan 13 14:54:38 GMT 2011

>>>>> "David" == David Cantrell <david at> writes:

    David> nor do I particularly relish having a seperate build of perl
    David> with its own @INC sandbox for every application.

    David> Yes, it is, and I do that.  However, you appear to have not
    David> read the bit where I said "a seperate build of perl with its
    David> own @INC sandbox for every application".

Let me clear that up for you:

"It's pretty trivial to build and load perl modules somewhere other than
 the vendor perl lib directories where they might risk breaking the
 system" ... without having a separate perl build with it's own @INC

Everyone does have every right to arbitrarily "not relish" that approach
(and then go ahead and do it anyway).

    David> Were you born that stupid, or did you have to work at it?

Also hardly the topic, if you had an actual argument, I'd be glad to
dicusss it. Sad to see an otherwise interesting technical discussion
degenerate ad hominem. I apologise to the other readers that it happened
on a subject I was involved in.

Eden Cardim
Software Engineer
Shadowcat Systems Ltd.

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