Perl dev-room and Perl-stand at FOSDEM 5-6/2 (next weekend)

Gabor Szabo szabgab at
Sun Jan 30 14:44:14 GMT 2011


A reminder and invitation to FOSDEM in Brussels, next weekend.

Perl dev-room

You probably already know as I have posted about it several
times that  there is going to be a Perl dev-room at FOSDEM
in Brussels.

In this dev-room we are going to give a number of talks.
The schedule can be found here:

FOSDEM is free and it is fun. Tons of talks
( see the full schedule here )
and many interesting people.
Also free beer on Friday evening.

There is also an interview with David Fetter about PL/Parrot:

Perl stand

At the Perl stand we are going to try to engage all the people
who come by and show them new features of Perl. Moose,
Catalyst, Dancer just to name a few. There are already a
number of people who volunteer to be at the stand but the
more volunteers the easiest on each one of us.

So if you have time on next weekend, please
visit FOSDEM.and help us at the Perl stand.

FOSDEM is free but many people you work with might not
know about it or might not know about the Perl dev-room.
Please forward this invitation to your co-workers who use
(or should use) Perl.

Even if you think they might have heard about FOSDEM
in some other channel, the fact that you write the personally
will be much more effective in getting them to visit our
Perl dev-room and our Perl-stand.

Thank you for your help!


Gabor Szabo           
Perl Ecosystem Group

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