Dimsum Thursday 1pm Chuen Cheng Ku

the hatter at
Wed Feb 2 12:39:32 GMT 2011

In accordance with the ancient prophecy, tomorrow lunchtime we shall 
gather to eat many small tasty things - though word on the street is of 
the imminent arrival of a rabbit.  Let us seize this opportunity to mark 
this rare occurance, it only happens once every 12 years, after all.

Plus I've had a busy january and don't think I've had any dim sum at all, 
an affliction that I believe may have affected more of you.

And there is of course the social tomorrow night,

Thursday 3rd February, 1pm

Chuen Cheng Ku
17 Wardour Street, W1D 6PN
(at the waldour street entrance)

See you there.

the hatter

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