Bulk domain registrar recommendations

Avleen Vig avleen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 20:16:35 GMT 2011

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 9:03 AM, Paul Makepeace <paulm at paulm.com> wrote:
> I know L.pm'ers have some skillz here... I've been a bulkregister (now
> enom) customer for years but they charge a $99/yr fee and at
> $10.50/.com/yr aren't that cheap. They do have some effective (albeit
> slow) domain management facilities, including bulk changes.
> I'm having a surreal conversation with one of BR's sales guys who's
> disputing GoDaddy (as a semi-random example of cheaper vendor) is
> actually cheaper, rather than doing the decent thing of offering a
> competitive price. So time to go...
> Which registrars have a decent features/price for someone with a few
> dozen domains?

I've recently started moving all my domains over to http://www.dynadot.com/
These guys seem very smart. Their interface is decent, and fast (I too
am/was a bulkregister user since before the $99/yr fee.. ~1999 I
Dynadot charge $9.75/yr per domain for .com, and $8.99/yr for .co.uk.
It Just Works.

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