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Toby Wintermute tjc at
Tue Mar 22 11:44:37 GMT 2011

On 22 March 2011 20:42, Kieren Diment <diment at> wrote:
> On 22/03/2011, at 1:04 PM, Toby Wintermute wrote:
>> A way to ask for photos, and to be given back an iterator of
>> Flickr::...::Photo objects, rather than the current method which is
>> just a big hash of keys that vary depending on what objects you've
>> been given.
> Every time I've looked at evern $web->{'big name service provider's'} API the cognitive load has been horrendous, and because I haven't had a day or two for someone to pay me to get my head around it I've just given up.  An iterator or array of Flickr::Photo objects sounds like the solution for this particular problem.  Next on your list can you write up an Ebay::Simple module for us?

This has taken valuable time out of my Civilisation 5 playing tonight,
but I've updated Flickr::API2 with some helper methods and pushed them
to the github repo now.
I'll just have to conquer the world tomorrow instead. :)

The API with helper methods looks like this:

my $f = Flickr::API2->new({ ... });

$f->test->echo(foo => 'bar');

my @pics = $f->photos->search(
    tags => 'kitten',
    per_page => 10,
foreach my $pic (@pics) {
    say "Title: " . $pic->title;

Not complete yet mind, but what do you think of stuff so far?


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