Perl on a smartphone?

Peter Edwards peter at
Wed Mar 23 00:31:19 GMT 2011

> >>>>> "gvim" == gvim  <gvimrc at> writes:
> gvim> Anyone running Perl on a smartphone? Android must be close by now
> gvim> but I haven't ventured into this market yet. Would like bash 4
> gvim> too. Make that Perl + bash + vim and I'm happy to pay.
> Check out

<>SL4A is what you want
It supports Lua <>,
BeanShell <>,
, Perl <>,
, Tcl <>,
, Ruby <>,
. <>
Works well and you can knock up apps easily in Perl.
It runs through an HTTP request-response model to get around Android's
(i.e. don't write commercial software with this.)

If you're serious about Smartphone apps, look at Titanium Appcelerator or
PhoneGap. My team has had success for an iPhone/Android crossover app
written in HTML + JavaScript using the latter.

Regards, Peter

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