Perl on a smartphone?

Chris Devers cdevers at
Wed Mar 23 13:49:56 GMT 2011

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 6:15 AM, James Laver < at>wrote:

> If only there were android smartphones with keyboards...

Clearly I phrased that wrong.

Given that we're talking about device roughly the size of a pack of cards,
they're all going to either have a tiny keyboard, or no keyboard.

I know many millions of Blackberry users would disagree with me, but I've
yet to use a phone or PDA keyboard, in either hardware or software, that
didn't drive me crazy for typing anything longer than a couple of

On a "proper" computer, I'm generally happier typing to the thing to tell it
what I want to do. But on something that small, whether with a touchscreen
or a hardware keyboard, I'd find typing to get around to be an exercise in
frustration, and so am just as happy to tap on icons on a touchscreen

YMMV :-)

Chris Devers

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