Perl on a smartphone?

James Laver at
Tue Mar 29 01:14:22 BST 2011

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 11:26:20PM +0000, David Brownlee wrote:
>      Happy desire Z user, former G1 user
>    How are you finding it?** The G1 is the only Android phone I've found with
>    a full keyboard
>    ("full" defined as being able to get basic ascii symbols such as |,{,} by
>    a simple two key chord).
>    I've been looking for something to which to upgrade but without luck.
>    On the plus side I did find a version of Android ("ginger yoshi") which
>    makes the phone just about
>    fast to use again.
>    Not used perl directly on the phone, but have definitely edited it across
>    ssh :)

It's perfectly fine for the basics. There is the equivalent of an alt-gr 
key that works fine for most symbols. Alas this particular phone has a 
horrible bug that makes it impossible to popup the symbol menu in 
connectbot (which is the single best ssh client for android IMO). 
This makes it rather difficult to type a few common symbols such as 
'~'. One of the connectbot devs has solved it but you need to root your
phone to apply the fix as it's a problem with the phone rather than the 
software :(

Outside of ssh stuff (which I no longer use really) it's been wonderful. 
It's about as close to typing on a real keyboard as I could hope for 
with a phone and I'm fairly efficient at texting and emailing now. The 
G1 was also not bad but the DZ has the edge IMO.


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