perlbrew and Image::Magick

"Alex J. G. Burzyński" ajgb at
Thu Apr 7 09:07:56 BST 2011


On 06/04/11 22:38, Chisel wrote:
> I don't know if it's perlbrew specific, or just a good way to encounter the
> problem but I'm stumped.
> I'm seeing the same thing with a 5.12.2 and 5.12.3 brewed perl; everything's
> under Ubuntu or Linux Mint.
> If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to what I've done wrong, or how to
> Make It Work I'd really appreciate them.
> Suggestions to 'use something else' will be more helpful if I know what the
> 'something else' should be.
> I'd need drop-in or not-to-hard-to-write replacements for:
>  * Catalyst::Plugin::Upload::Image::Magick
>  * Catalyst::Plugin::Upload::Image::Magick::Thumbnail
> I'm mostly using is_image() and scaling features.
> I've pasted lots of technical stuff below so people can see what I've done
> so far.
> Chiz

I was recently playing with Image::Magick (due to work on
Plack::App::ImageMagick) and that's how I've solved the same problem
you've got:

./configure --prefix=/home/alex/local
make install

that kept system (Ubuntu) Image::Magick untouched and I've got latest
(6.6.9) installed under my home dir


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