Perl and IPv6. It's alright now.

Dirk Koopman djk at
Mon Apr 18 12:06:16 BST 2011

On 18/04/11 03:16, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Sun 17.Apr'11 at 20:11:09 +0100, Duncan Garland wrote:
>> Hi Jesse,
>> Ok, I'll see if I can organise something.
>> Perl 5.13 is a beta release which is due to become the production release
>> 5.14  this year isn't it?
> Yes.
>> Can I conclude that 5.14 is expected to have good
>> quality IPv6 support.
> It'd be a much safer conclusion if you could validate that we've
> actually met whatever bar you've set for "good quality IPv6 support"

For what it is worth, I am currently using IO::Socket::INET6 in 
"production" code achieving boringly normal IPV6 connections to and from 
instances spread all around the globe. The same code works seamlessly to 
IPV4 - being a direct replacement for IO::Socket::INET. Mostly (but not 
exclusively) on 5.10.x perls.

But then I don't do anything "exotic".


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