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> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 09:40:57AM +0100, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
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> > Or does he have a point?
> He has a point.
Gosh that's timely: my talk last week at

Adding OAuth to the BBC World Service Twitter Feeder (Peter Edwards)

I think the answer (I cannot be bothered to reply on that blog) is to use
Net::Twitter::Lite or roll your own like I did there.

I had problems installing deps on some antique POS server combined with
bureaucracy putting me off building my own perl.
And to be honest, why would I wade through bureaucratic permission-gaining
exercises when 30 lines of code did the job.
You'll also note that on a stock company install of Redhat 5.5 last week the
Moosified version failed to install without my upgrading lwp manually.

Go ahead and write CPAN modules requiring perl 5.12 and up to date Moose
then watch organisations throw Perl out the window and replace it with Java.
Like I'm seeing right now because they end up stuck requiring particular
versions of libraries to work and rolling upgrades are not company policy or
are politically inexpedient.
You can get away that if you're running it on your Macbook or in a small
central team, good luck on a large corporate platform.


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