Someone needs to take jwz aside...

Jacqui Caren-home jacqui.caren at
Wed Apr 20 16:48:56 BST 2011

On 20/04/2011 13:29, Paul Makepeace wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 12:22, Bill Crawford<billcrawford1970 at>  wrote:
>> If (as recently happened) you discover a dependency chain that leads
>> to CPAN complaining that you need a newer perl because it's a core
>> module ... it gets extra annoying.
> +1
> cpan[1]>  install Term::ReadLine
> The most recent version "1.07" of the module "Term::ReadLine"
> is part of the perl-5.13.11 distribution. To install that, you need to run
>    force install Term::ReadLine   --or--
>    install F/FL/FLORA/perl-5.13.11.tar.gz
> Awesome. A development version of perl.
> Let's see if I can pull in a recent stable perl:

<joke>Nah, you vape your install and start from scratch - same as PHP!<joke>

Its the only way to ensure an "older perl" is upgraded cleanly. :-(

It gets worse if you want an esoteric build such as thread support etc.
Some deps end up unbuildable with say thread support.

Messy just does not do it justice.


p.s. how about listing the depcount for a module.
That way we can tell what is truly lite and what is a can-o-worms.

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