Someone needs to take jwz aside...

Jason Clifford jason at
Thu Apr 21 10:08:16 BST 2011

On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 23:06 -0400, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> > He's embarrassed that didn't think to run "apt-get install libnet-twitter-perl"?
> That doesn't work so well on a vanilla OS X box. Whcih is what his
> workstation is.

That's not a perl fail but rather a fail on the part of those who
package (or don't package) perl modules for that platform.

In fairness it's also a fail on the various Linux platforms I've
encountered too as nobody has, so far, produced a comprehensive cpan to
$whatever_distro repository 

> There is a toolchain bug. Perl's toolchain can't find XCode.

Is it really the responsibility of the perl toolchain to do that?

Surely it's a platform responsibility to provide a reliable dependency
chain whether the platform is an OS distro or something else.

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