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Perl 5.14.0 Release Candidate 1 is out! Please test it with your work
code for any showstoppers.


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                        -- Bill Bryson,  /In a Sunburned Country/

I've just uploaded the first release candidate for Perl 5.14.0 to PAUSE.
Shortly, you'll find it at:


SHA1 sums for this release are:

643d688909723aaedbaef67301779331b3d51381  perl-5.14.0-RC1.tar.bz2
ed6be1b0f09af7542df369af254b629dbf5a8b5c  perl-5.14.0-RC1.tar.gz

While we go to lengths to ensure that new versions of Perl don't break
existing programs, it does happen. It's really, really important that
we catch unintentional breakage BEFORE we release Perl 5.14.0.
It is imperative that you test this release candidate with any software
written in Perl which you use or maintain.

Similarly, we test Perl on a variety of operating systems on a number of
platforms with several different compilers. If you're not 100% certain
that we're testing yours, NOW is the time to make sure that Perl 5.14.0
builds and passes its tests on your platform.

If no "showstopper" class bugs are found in the next 7 days, we will
release a virtually identical tarball as Perl 5.14.0 on Thursday, April
28, 2011.


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