Someone needs to take jwz aside...

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Thu Apr 21 13:22:07 BST 2011

* Dave Hodgkinson (davehodg at [110421 12:13]:
> >> "install DBIx::Simple with the knowledge of 2001-02-12 as yum"
> Isn't CPAN on Time Machine?

But we have backpan, where all the modules ever uploaded are kept.

The main problem is that the administration 02packages (etc) files which
are used during installations have not been preserved. It is very hard
to get them back correctly, where you may find name-space conflicts. The
first to use a namespace wins.
So, to regenerate the index files correctly, you have to replay CPAN
insert (pause) from its origin... It has also not been tracked which
modules where removed from CPAN because of copyright problems and such.
The whole archive lives in a "current situation only" mood.

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