Xcode 4.0.2 and XS modules

Matt Sergeant msergeant at messagelabs.com
Tue Apr 26 22:08:51 BST 2011

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> Would they care more if they got lots of polite bug reports from registered
> developers who care about Apple's SNAFU, encouraging Apple to re-instate the
> PPC assembler for XCode 4? Is XCode 4*supposed*  to support the PPC-enabled
> OS X versions? Or is it "Lion only"?
It's supposed to remove PPC support in preparation for Lion.

> Also, did this bug start with XCode 4.0.whatever-the-first-one-is, or was
> the bug added/the functionality removed in a "point" release?

I downloaded a beta version (I'm a paid-up ADC member) and it was there.

I've filed a report with apple. Bug Problem ID: 9340360

I noted on the bug report that you can "fix" it. Just edit -arch ppc out 
of Config_heavy.pl


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