Part-time Perl Developer Position based Reading, UK

Jacqui Caren-home jacqui.caren at
Mon May 23 11:21:56 BST 2011

On 23/05/2011 10:03, Denny wrote:
> On Mon, 2011-05-23 at 08:46 +0100, Arife Vural wrote:
> For a part-time job, I would expect the advert to say how many
> hours/days per week are involved.

When hours/days are not mentioned I assume they want a small number of
odd hours and some on-call stuff - without having to pay a FT staffer
an on-call bonus :-/

> Also; salary ranges are really very useful to everyone involved in the
> recruitment process.  Not specifying even a vague/wide one is incredibly
> frustrating and occasionally off-putting to potential applicants.  If
> your company is generous (as both the advert and Arife's email suggest),
> then it'd be to your advantage to include some numbers here.

+1 Reading is an *expensive* place - the salary would determine whether
you are going to get local script kiddies or a professional applying.

Also no mention of "out of hours" arrangements but lots of inferred OOH work.
I assume the "part time" bit is to avoid having to pay OH 'on-call' bonus
normally paid to full time staff doing on-call work.

Given the workload, I would have thought they would have been better off
hiring support specialists like wessex networks - or my employer :-)
That way they get access to a team. Handing over the keys to your business
critical systems to a just hired "part timer" sounds risky at best.

> PS: Also also, that advert is _badly_ in need of proof-reading:

It could be intentional. :-)

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