Part-time Perl Developer Position based Reading, UK (etc.)

Richard Foley richard.foley at
Wed May 25 06:40:58 BST 2011

Yep, *good* remote jobs are hard to come by, but family life is important for 
some of us, so it's worth keeping up the hunt.  I'm just finishing (hint) one 
remote contract which happens to be close to where I live in Munich.  I walked 
from my last job when they said I had to come in for a half-hour stand-up 
meeting every day, even when the original deal was 60/40 onsite/offsite and 
(rarely but) occassionally it took me 2.5 (yes, two and a half) hours to drive 
to work through the traffic jams.  They looked vaguely surprised at the time, 
but it all worked out for the best in the end.

I look back with fond memories on that contract where I "pressed the flesh" on 
the first day, and then never saw the people again, and worked remotely for a 
full year.  Interesting work too.


Richard Foley
Ciao - shorter than AufWiederSehen!

> >> For a part-time job, I would expect the advert to say how many
> >> hours/days per week are involved.
> > 
> > When hours/days are not mentioned I assume they want a small number of
> > odd hours and some on-call stuff - without having to pay a FT staffer
> > an on-call bonus :-/
> Personally I'd love a job like that, as long as it was all on a working
> from home basis.  Which they rarely are.  :'(
> /Really/ fed up with commuting this week.

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