Perl under MacOS X

Randy J. Ray rjray at
Thu Jun 2 08:55:02 BST 2011

I find myself the unexpected caretaker of a MacBook Pro, handed off to me when 
someone at $JOB left recently. It's shiny. And very eye-candy-ish. But I am now 
wishing I'd paid more attention to recent discussions of OSX-related stuff. I 
seem to recall some issues with Xcode 4 and compiled CPAN modules? And some 
references to something called perlbrew? Some of this I've learned a bit about 
with the help of The Google, but if anyone can offer me some tips they'd be 
most appreciated (and duly rewarded with drink the next time I'm in London). 
The problem here isn't lack of information, rather the problem is 
over-abundance of it. And much of what I find on Google is years old, and the 
problems I'm vaguely remembering seemed more recent than that...

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