Someone needs to take jwz aside...

Peter Edwards peter at
Wed Jun 8 12:19:15 BST 2011

> On Wed, 8 Jun 2011, David Cantrell wrote:
> It's the lack of a CPAN-a-like for any other language that keeps me
>> coming back to perl.
>> Of course, it's possible that the Comprehensive Python Archive Network
>> or similar for ruby/javascript/java/C/whatever does exist but I just
>> can't find it.  But then, if I can't find it, it's not much use.
>> Python repo

It was fairly chastening a couple of years back looking for a library
implementing Role Based Access Control and finding that there was a Python
one but no Perl one

Then when I was doing WxWidgets programming from ActivePerl having to use
the wxPython library docs because they were more up
to date and complete than the Perl ones in terms of calling from a
wrapper (more useful than the C++ docs).

Node.js repo
V8 seems to work well on Unix and takes little code to implement an
event-driven networking app using server-side JS.

If you can get over the 'Nam-style flashbacks to old skool javascript hacks
for IE5.0

Regards, Peter

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