Perl 5 core maintenance fund drive

Nicholas Clark nick at
Wed Jun 29 18:59:51 BST 2011

You may or may not be aware that Dave Mitchell, one of the longstanding Perl
5 core committers, has been paid for the past year or so to work on fixing
hard and long standing bugs in the Perl 5 core, thanks to a generous grant of
$50,000 made to TPF. However, that money is almost exhausted.

Dave would be happy to continue, and I'm now in a position where I'd be able
and willing to be paid to work on maintaining and bettering the Perl 5 core.

Hence The Perl Foundation has launched a "Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund", and
a funding drive to raise an initial $25,000, to cover 3 months work. Better
still, Vienna Perl Mongers will match the first $10,000 of donations, dollar
for dollar, putting the surplus from YAPC::Europe 2007 to very good use.    <-- donate here <--

TPF are looking for both for individual and corporate donations. I'd hope
that it particularly appeals to companies wishing to give something back to
Perl, or wanting to raise their visibility in the Perl world, and to Perl

Given the number of firms in London currently trying hard to recruit Perl
developers, I'd hope that they see this as a much-cheaper-than-pimps way
of getting themselves noticed, ahead of their competition.

Much that I'd love to, I can't actually promise that donating will get you a
better class of candidate when recruiting, but TPF is able to offer the

* donating $1000 or more gets your logo used, and a mention in the weekly
  report(s) you paid for

* donate $10000 or more and TPF will issue a joint press release thanking
  you profusely, on their homepage

and of course, while match funds last (so get in quick)

* "Buy Dave, get me free". Or something like that :-)

Nicholas Clark

PS Even though this message mentions the naughty 4 letter word, I consider it
   still "on topic", as it's about raising money for me to buy beer.
   [And pay the rent, utility bills, food, and all the other things that
    real life (tm) has to offer to separate the living from their money]

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