Perl 5 core maintenance fund drive

Pedro Figueiredo me at
Tue Jul 5 09:13:31 BST 2011

Here's the email I sent to the powers that be at Playfish. I apologise
to Nicholas for the shameless ripoff.


A couple of years ago made a hugely generous $50000
donation to The Perl Foundation, and that money was used to pay one of
the core developers, Dave Mitchell, to work on Perl 5 improvements and
bug fixes. That money is now running out, however, and TPF is
launching another fund raising drive, to pay for 3 months of work by
Dave and Nicholas Clark (long-standing Perl5 committer and member of
the Perl 6 design team).

TPF are looking for both individual and corporate donations. I believe
this would be a good opportunity for companies wishing to give
something back to Perl, or wanting to raise their visibility in the
Perl world, and to Perl developers.

As well as giving the company a lot of good will in Perl developers'
minds, and a warm fuzzy feeling, The Perl Foundation is offering:

* donating $1000 or more gets your logo used, and a mention in the
weekly report(s) you paid for

* donate $10000 or more and TPF will issue a joint press release
thanking you profusely, on their homepage

Furthermore, the Vienna Perl Mongers group have announced they will
match the first $10k, with money from YAPC::EU 2007:

Full details here:

and donations here:



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