Digest, Vol 69, Issue 12

Shantanu Bhadoria shantanu at
Sat Jul 16 10:41:27 BST 2011

In India there is a mass of Perl Devs but many of them are NooBs with 2-4
years under their belt. Besides the ones who have been working for the
smaller web dev companies never go beyond CGI and some Mason at most, if you
want someone with experience on the bigger frameworks you either need to do
a extensive search on linkedin for the specific skill sets. Try putting this
up in one of the perl monger mailing lists of the city where you are looking
for candidates. *bangalore-pm at *for bangalore, generally thats where
all the smart people are at(very few, if any NooBs). Make sure the mailing
list members approve of you posting the job first. :)
PS: I work for a company in bangalore with lots of smart devs working on
Catalyst/Moose/DBIx and CGI::Application all of whom we hired in the last
one and a half year. They were tough to get but not impossible. Although we
often look for the right attitude and skills, We don't always try to find a
candidate who have previoously worked on our kinda frameworks. Most smart
devs pick up such things in a few weeks, and that formula has worked very
well for us.

Best of Luck!
-Shantanu Bhadoria

> > Hi
> > We have been interviewing for a permanent position in India, but we have
> not been very impressed by the quality of the candidates.
> >
> > Can anyone make suggestions for where we can advertise to attract people
> with these skills?
> >
> > Perl
> > Catalyst
> > DBIC
> > Moose
> >
> > We don't expect people to have all these skills, but mostly what we have
> seen are people with some of, basic Perl OO, CGI or DBI at best.
> >
> > Regards
> > Ian

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