Smoking your own modules: What do you use?

Mark Fowler mark at
Mon Jul 18 11:34:26 BST 2011

2011/7/18 Peter Vereshagin <peter at>:

> You can also build a package for a distribution you like. Also, my latest perl
> module's port was checked before commit with this:
> although it's not a perl-based solution.

I've use hudson myself to smoke a lot of Perl stuff (also not a Perl
solution), but the doing-stuff-on-or-pre-commit bit is the easy bit.
It's installing the multiple perls and having the script that iterates
through these running tests which is the hard bit.

I guess what I'm really after is something like perlbrew but *moreso*.
 Go off and download and install multiple perls.  Then smoke on those


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