James Laver at
Sun Jul 24 23:00:13 BST 2011

On 24 Jul 2011, at 22:51, Roger Burton West wrote:
> But copying email addresses is _hard_.
> So I'm told, by people who are stuck with hateful mail clients. I.e. the
> ones who would benefit from a better interface for new threads are just
> the ones who won't get it.

It's mostly mobile phones and tablets. My crackberry also, i'm told, has a hateful habit of breaking References: headers and splitting threads unnecessarily, which is about on par with not splitting the thread when it should be split.

I know there are decent mail clients for android (because Jesse wrote two of them), but you'll never get one on iOS thanks to apple's pathetic policies about replacing in built phone behaviour and I don't think there's access on crackberry to build one that uses BIS (in which case you lose one of the main reasons to have a crackberry...)

/j (who really thinks it's about time apple and RIM learned to write decent mail software for mobile devices)

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