Smylers Smylers at
Mon Jul 25 14:34:27 BST 2011

Hello. How big is Gatwick Airport? More specifically, about how long do
I need to allow for walking from its railway station to the check-in
hall ('Terminal S', according to my ticket)?

I don't think I've been to Gatwick before -- it isn't the obvious
airport for somebody living in Leeds -- but I will be flying to Riga
from there, so am currently trying to work out appropriate connecting
trains and wondering whether I need to allow for several miles of
travelators or anything in my timings.

And any wisdom on likely time between scheduled touchdown on the return
flight and being back at the station also appreciated, though I
appreciate that's laughably hard to predict. I'll only have hand
luggage, so does expecting to be at the platform in an hour sound

(I won't of course be depending on things being reasonable, and will add
a margin of error to allow for unreasonableness, but it'd be handy to
have some idea of the base time.)

Thanks -- and looking forward to seeing many of you in Riga.


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