Gareth Kirwan gbjk at
Mon Jul 25 14:52:53 BST 2011

It's split between two terminals, connected by a mono-rail.

The station is in the south terminal.

You can walk anywhere in the south terminal pre-checkin inside 10
minutes, but leave 15 just in case.

No wisdom about touch-down to station time - it's so dependent on things
going smoothly.
Best case scenario is probably about 30 minutes, though.

On Mon, 2011-07-25 at 14:34 +0100, Smylers wrote:
> Hello. How big is Gatwick Airport? More specifically, about how long do
> I need to allow for walking from its railway station to the check-in
> hall ('Terminal S', according to my ticket)?
> I don't think I've been to Gatwick before -- it isn't the obvious
> airport for somebody living in Leeds -- but I will be flying to Riga
> from there, so am currently trying to work out appropriate connecting
> trains and wondering whether I need to allow for several miles of
> travelators or anything in my timings.
> And any wisdom on likely time between scheduled touchdown on the return
> flight and being back at the station also appreciated, though I
> appreciate that's laughably hard to predict. I'll only have hand
> luggage, so does expecting to be at the platform in an hour sound
> reasonable?
> (I won't of course be depending on things being reasonable, and will add
> a margin of error to allow for unreasonableness, but it'd be handy to
> have some idea of the base time.)
> Thanks -- and looking forward to seeing many of you in Riga.
> Smylers

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