IMPORTANT(ish): Re: website maintenance gig available

Andrew Beattie andrew at
Wed Aug 3 18:14:58 BST 2011

  OOh!  Left posting.              On 03/08/2011 17:41, Leo Lapworth wrote:
 > You can top post, bottom post, left or right post on this list.
That's a novel idea. >
 > I'd prefer you didn't top post, but it's not (and will never be) 
Do you think it will catch on? >
 > Please DO read emails before replying - "Reply to me off list" is
Andrew > quite a key line in any email.
 > This list is for everyone - technical and non-technical alike, there
 > are far more interesting things
 > to discuss than email standards in any form :)
 > /me takes of his leader hat and goes to enjoy the sun.
 > Thanks
 > Leo

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