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Chris Jack chris_jack at msn.com
Fri Aug 19 13:09:39 BST 2011

James Laver london.pm at jameslaver.com wrote:
> For those not actually familiar with the airport situation in London, Southend and Oxford have prepended 'London' to their names but they're bloody ages away. And yes, he probably can actually get to Birmingham faster than anything except city airport because he's just down the road from Euston.
> If you're being sensible and you have the money, fly from city, else heathrow, else gatwick, else luton, else stansted. In that order, preferably avoiding scumming it from stansted. If you're using another airport and you don't happen to live near euston, don't even think about any of the others.

Not quite sure what you're criteria is and I would say ranking airports really depends where you're trying to get to in London and where you're flying in from.
In terms of getting to London from the airport (and I suggest you also look on a map) but to give you a rough idea:
Travelling to Kings Cross/St Pancras by train
Gatwick: 45 minutes
Luton: 25-35 minutes (plus 5 minutes bus transfer to Luton Airport Parkway)
Heathrow: 60 minutes (plus it can be quite a long walk depending on what terminal you fly into) - you can also go to Paddington in 15 minutes by Heathrow Express
City and Stansted have direct routes to other stations:
City: 22 minutes to Bank
Stansted: 45 minutes to Liverpool St Station
I have flown a lot from all of these (apart from City where its only been twice). I wouldn't personally rank any of them as markedly better or worse than any other aside from criteria of convenience from where in London I'm starting and whether they fly to where I want to get to.

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