Git Config

Smylers Smylers at
Sat Aug 20 11:32:12 BST 2011

Hello. How can I make the git diff command use the -b flag (aka
--ignore-space-change) by default?

Or indeed where is the full list of variables that can be configured for
git diff?

git-config(1) has examples of variables, including some which correspond
to diff options (such as diff.ignoreSubmodules for --ignore-submodules),
so by analogy I tried diff.ignoreSpaceChange, but that doesn't seem to
do anything.

That list in git-config(1) is introduced as:

  Note that this list is non-comprehensive and not necessarily complete.
  For command-specific variables, you will find a more detailed
  description in the appropriate manual page.

But git-diff doesn't seem to have a list of variables.



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