Writing About Perl

Salve J Nilsen sjn-london.pm at pvv.org
Tue Aug 23 16:21:43 BST 2011

Dave Cross said:
> So, purely hypothetically...
> If a popular Linux magazine had given you the opportunity to write a 
> 3000 word article giving a practical project-based demonstration of 
> how Perl had moved on in the last ten years, what would you do? What 
> would you write about?


I'd perhaps say that TIMTOWTDI has resulted in years of experimenting 
and trying and failing and learning, leading to a CPAN and a Perl 
community that is better and stronger than ever.

Being the laughing stock (so to speak) of dynamic language communities 
for many years have been a useful motivation for introspecting and 
reinventing ourselves. It's like the the big and shy nerd in class 
taking years of beating by the cool kids, and when the penny finally 
drops, he quietly says "No, my friends, there's actually a lot of good 
going on with me and I'm not going to take your abuse any more. Now go 
fuck *yourself*, thankyouverymuch."



- Salve (Oslo.pm)

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