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Wed Aug 24 12:46:08 BST 2011


On 24 August 2011 12:08, Shantanu Bhadoria <shantanu at> wrote:

> Is there a good guide book or reference to get started on SNMP?

The Oreilly book ( ) is OK but I
don't recommend it if you want to learn SNMP V3. My review is here

The site has lots of really useful information and
software (but I am not a fan of the perl snmp module that comes with it).
Instead  I recommend the Net::SNMP module for writing SNMP polling clients.
The non-blocking calls are incredibly efficient and get_table and
get_entries methods keep your code focused at a higher level.

> How much time
> would you generally give for starting on SNMP in Perl for a Perl veteran
> but
> a SNMP newbie?

If you are a competent programmer then simple useful SNMP programming should
take an afternoon (eg collecting network utilisation stats). Writing your
own systems management tools will be more dependant on requirements.

I found it much easier to learn with a graphical SNMP mib browser that
compiles MIBs nicely and, of course, Wireshark.  MGSoft's MIB browser is
very pretty but expensive and shows each OID's descriptions nicely and
presents tables as, well, tables.



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