Perl e-commerce?

Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at
Wed Sep 14 12:20:02 BST 2011

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 10:37:55AM +0100, James Laver wrote:
> On 14 Sep 2011, at 10:11, Mallory van Achterberg wrote:
> > Is there a (decent, maintained) Perl-based e-commerce platform
> > out there?
> No.
> > I can find plenty of, for example, shops running Magento and I can
> > see (as a user) what all comes with that. 
> Even themeing magento is a pain in the arse, let alone extending it.
> I ask for danger money to work with it and even still I get fed up of
> recruiters calling offering nearly-danger-money. It's horrible and
> hateful and I never want to work with it again.
Yes, I actually got acquainted with Firebug solely for dealing with
Magento front-end. And the reliance on Javascript to do things that
belong to HTML, CSS and the server was gross.

Yet people use it. 

> > Can someone point me to a site or resource that really compares
> > Perl e-commerce packages to these popular PHP ones? Something
> > that describes all that they come with and what merchants can and
> > cannot do with them, without having to actually install all of these
> > and try setting them up just to see?  Like, a review site.
> Don't trust any of them. And then suffer the PHP and buy cubecart
> or similar (the open source ones all have their various major
> failing, mostly around security, which is what i expect most of
> these 'scripts' will suffer from).

> However, I do have a private project going on to create a large,
> open source perl e-commerce platform, it just hasn't gotten very
> far off the ground. My background is in e-commerce, so I've seen
> how most platforms fall apart :)

Does this project contain a front-end like most of the popular
shopping carts have? Or plan to? 
(I hope that if it does, that at least it doesn't make the mistake
of overly-complicated, Javascript-dependent fixed-width crap the
others do)

My question isn't because I'm personally looking for a shopping
cart to use myself, or for a client (at least, not yet). My question
is because, I see it as another reason web developers don't even
consider Perl for these things. Which makes no sense to me.
Suppose you're running Perl on your server for other things, and then
you want a regular, normal, supported e-commerce system? Crap, now
you've got Perl and PHP running and fighting with each other. Waste.

If I knew a client wanted a site, and decided on, say, Dancer, and
knew they wanted later on to add a shop... 


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