Perl e-commerce?

David Cantrell david at
Mon Sep 19 15:33:15 BST 2011

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:43:21AM +0100, 'lesleyb' wrote:

> > but a Perly Drupal would need a *lot* of people.
> and that doesn't appear to be the CPAN/Perl model, of which I've gained an
> impression of a lot of individuals solving problems they encounter at a
> generiic level and then offering them to the wider user base.  

That's the way most perl modules are developed, but there's nothing to
stop multiple people working on a distribution, and nothing to stop
multiple people releasing it.  This happens with Catalyst.

> > Catalyst is a good start. It really is. Now I want to see Dancer and
> > Mojolicious get going as they target different types of developers
> Well that's good to know ... but how do any of these install on a shared
> hosting setup?

They don't.  They have the same problems as Catalyst and anything else
that uses mod_perl - and the same problems as anything that *doesn't*
use mod_perl.

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