Perl-friendly message queue-like system

Martin A. Brooks martin at
Thu Sep 22 09:15:43 BST 2011

Mongers of Perl,

I have a bunch of servers doing mail ilftering.  I would like them to send tiny messages about the results of said filtering to a central point.  I would then like something at the central point to pop messages off the queue and update a database.  Think of it as sort of a centralised collection point for statistical data.  If the odd message gets eaten, it really doesn't matter.

I understand something like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ might do what I want, however the former's website doesn't mention Perl and the latter I am terrified of, having used it.

My Google-fu is failing me, what Perl-friendly system might I use for such a thing?


Martin A. Brooks - antispam & antivirus email filtering.

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