LPW... couch surfing?

Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at stommepoes.nl
Fri Sep 23 10:44:49 BST 2011

Hallo all,

was wondering if there would be any possibility of couch-surfing over
there in London for the Workshop (Friday and Saturday nights). It would
be two of us (jkva says he's housebroken) and we haven't determined how
late we'd be getting into London as some methods of transport are earlier
but very expensive, while others are cheaper but then we get into town
much later (maybe too late).

Ideally Friday night would be at someone's who is also planning to hit
the pub or wherever is planned for the night before (Google Maps is
claiming The Kings Arms is closed permanently, is this so?).

We would be willing to offer some Dutch treats (of the legal sort) and
beers if that would be appreciated.

Any offers? Let me know!

Mallory (and Job)

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