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On 28 September 2011 13:39, Iain Tatch <iain.tatch+londonpm at> wrote:
> On 27 September 2011 21:40, Paul Tweedy <paul at> wrote:
> On 27 September 2011 17:18, Peter Edwards <peter at> wrote:
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>> > Next you'll be asking if the permies got a pay rise this year or if their
>> > pension fund[1] didn't get raided.
>> Actually, we permies did get a pay rise this year - 2% for those
>> earning under 60k, which I'd think is nearly all of us. The first in
>> three years IIRC.
> *looks at RPI figures*
> *looks at CPI figures*
> *looks at 2% BBC pay increase*
> Nope, we got a pay cut again this year.  Just slightly less of a cut than if
> the increase had stayed at 0.

I know three people (all good engineers) who lost their jobs this year
and are struggling to find work, so I find it hard to complain about
any sort of adjustment to my salary in the current climate.


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