Toshiba Laptop Repair in London

Darius Jokilehto darius.jokilehto at
Thu Sep 29 09:50:03 BST 2011

On 28/09/11 21:06, Tom Hukins wrote:
> Hi, Mongers.
> A friend has a year old Toshiba laptop with a broken DC input jack.
> Toshiba have decided this consists of reasonable wear and tear and so
> want to charge £80 just to look at it.  They refuse to estimate or
> guess how much a repair might cost.
> So, how should I go about getting this laptop fixed?  Do you know of
> anywhere in or around London (the nearer Sutton the better) that would
> do a good job?
> Tom
I've brought several laptops to be fixed on Queensway, where there's a 
computer market (walk out the tube station down Queensway and on your 
left). There's several stalls so you can ask around. They give you a 
quote on the spot and it's generally quite reasonable. I've had broken 
laptop screens replaced for 70 pounds when other places charged double 
that just to have a look.


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